Care and Support

Care & Support

Pastoral care is about making spiritual care and encouragement available whenever it’s needed.

Weddings We believe in biblical marriage. Meet with the pastor, arrange for preparation sessions, book the date and then follow through on everything.

There is no time more difficult than when a loved one passes away. Spiritual support, care and sensitive, comforting officiating is what the church will provide. If needed, we can also assist in liaising with the funeral home to organize a meaningful memorial service.

Jesus said we should baptize believers. For that reason, we reserve baptism until after a person has made a commitment to the Lordship of Christ, and is prepared to profess that commitment publicly. Since the word ‘baptism’ means burial we baptize by immersion in water. The symbolic meaning is that one’s ‘old life’ has ended and ‘new life’ in Christ has begun.

We call it child dedication, but it is really parent and child dedication. We meet with parents and discuss the spiritual implications and blessings of being parents, as well as the awesome responsibilities. Take-home material is provided to encourage parents to talk about what this commitment means for them. The dedication service includes responses from parents and a dedication prayer for the child. An application form is available.