■ Albert Benjamin Simpson, a Presbyterian Pastor, was compelled by a sense of urgency to take the message of Jesus Christ to all nations. A need was evident for a Christian Alliance of those who in unison held the faith of God and the gospel of full salvation.

1889 | November

■ A conference took place in Canada and this missionary society was called the international Missionary Alliance.


■ The International Missionary Alliance and the Christian Alliance united under the name of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.


■ The C&MA started to become an autonomous Canadian organization at the founding assembly held in Winnipeg


■ A second letter was received by the district superintendent of the C&MA asking for Humboldt to be considered for an Alliance Church. After two years of prayer and public interest meetings it was obvious that God was leading to plant an Alliance Church in Humboldt.

1998 | September 2

■ Rev. Jack and Pat Mulholland were appointed to plant the new church. They were sent by the Transcona Alliance from Winnipeg, and the new church was adopted by Erindale Alliance Saskatoon.

1998 | October 25

■ The first time of worship as a group took place in the Mulholland’s home. There were twenty-one people in attendance. By the end of the year, a larger facility was needed to accommodate nearly thirty people.

1999 | January

■ Worship services started to take place in Humboldt at the Pioneer Hotel. To gain visibility and ministry in the town, the congregation opened a bookstore.

2000 | October 22

■ An organization meeting took place in order to purchase the Humboldt Community Funeral Home.

2001 | April 1

■ Services began in what is now Humboldt Alliance Church.


■ Rev. Jack and Pat Mulholland were called to Pastor at Flin Flon Alliance Church. During the next year pulpit fills and guest speakers preached.

2007 | November

■ Rev. Murray and Glenda Lees moved to Humboldt to fill the position of leadership in the stagnant church. The congregation was no more than forty in attendance.


■ The Humboldt Alliance Church stopped needing subsidy from the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and started paying back its mortgage.


■ The mortgage of the Humboldt Alliance Church building was fully paid off.


■ C&MA created a new vision prayer.

Oh God, with all our hearts we long for you. Come, transform us to be Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused people, multiplying disciples everywhere.


■ Humboldt Alliance Church consisted of about one hundred people, with mostly young
families and new Christians. Several baptisms took place in the years leading up, along
with many baby dedications.

Pastor Murray had to go on long-term disability due to cancer. Rev. Arni & Judy
Schmeichel was contracted to serve as Interim Pastor.


■ Pastor Murray & Glenda returned to full time ministry but found his health was not up to
it, so resigned. Pastor Arni returned as Transitional Pastor to prepare the congregation for the next season.

2021 | July 1

■ Pastor Greg & Shelly Dermody move to Humboldt to answer the call to be Senior

2021 | September 25

■ Pastor Murray is called home into Glory, the final reward of faith placed in Jesus Christ
as his Lord & Saviour. The congregation mourns his loss and celebrates the hope of the Gospel.