Several members of Humboldt Alliance travelled to Bonaire to support Trans World Radio (TWR) in the construction of a high power Christian radio station.  The radio station was being upgraded from 100,000 Watts to the super high power of 450,000 Watts.  Bonaire is an island in the south Caribbean just north of Venezuela (see map below). The island, being completely surrounded by a saltwater ocean makes it strategically capable of transmitting AM radio waves very far.  With the new high power transmitter, Christian radio broadcasts are now heard throughout the Caribbean, Cuba, parts of Central America and deep into Brazil.  Humboldt Alliance was happy to lend a small hand in this amazing project.   The project is now complete.

Trans World Radio Station in Bonaire

Marty, Terry, Shaun, and Adam at TWR in Bonaire

The HAC crew working on a satellite tower at TWR in Bonaire

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