Please view our bulletin from September 25, 2022


To be put on pause until Pastor Greg has his surgery. Watch for updates! 



Pray for those hurting and struggling with issues of heart, family, economics and community in these days. That many will turn to the eternal stability of God’s Kingdom 

District Request: Praise and Prayer for a baptism of a new believer Waddah, who once claimed the Muslim Faith. Pray for the Arabic Church of Regina, a District Venture ministry, for Pastor FAdl and Ministry Assistant Ian as they continue this significant outreach What clinched Waddah’s decision to come to Christ was learning: “The purpose that Jesus came for was to provide forgiveness.” 

Global Request: Asian Spice: Pray with Michaela for believers to be set free, hearts and lives to be transformed, and a deeper love and passion for God to be kindled in each person who attends the upcoming Soul Care Retreat at her church. Pray specifically for Joel, a teen in the church who is struggling with hurt and pain in his life and needs greater healing and freedom. Facilitator training is September 27-29, 2022 and the actual retreat is October 1-2, 2022. 

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