Please view our bulletin from September 18, 2022


To be put on pause until Pastor Greg has his surgery. Watch for updates! 



Pray for those working through physical issues. Henry, Pastor Greg, Emily 

Pray for Kristy’s dad Kevin who continues to battle cancer and is in hospital with a blockage. 

Pray for another Sanfilippo family that Geoff & Riki know. Charlotte, an 18 year old young lady with MPS III C, earned her wings and is with the Lord. Pray for her parents and the Sanfilippo community that is mourning this loss. 

District Request: Pray for Pastor Gino Chua and Turning Point Alliance Church as they celebrated their 6th Year Anniversary September 4, 2022. Join in the prayer: “May our love for the Lord be strengthened among us as it was in the days of the Apostles. May our church continue to radiate the love of Jesus to the world and bring more lost souls to His kingdom.” 

Global Request: Niger: Pray with Ace and Cecilia for the Christian Tuareg community as they grieve the death of one of their leaders – Daniel. Pray that his celebration of life will be a time for people to hear the gospel and turn their hearts to follow Jesus, as did their family members and friends. 

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