Please view our bulletin from October 9, 2022


No announcements this week.



Continue to pray for Kristy & Family as her father battles cancer. 

Pray for Joe as he continues to work through some health issues that have kept him from attending worship. 

Pray for Terry & Emily as they continue to come out of a bought of COVID. Terry is much improved. Emily is also struggling with gall bladder issues, which are complicated by her other health concerns. 

Pray for God’s healing and direction in the medical system. 

Continue to pray for God’s healing touch on Pastor Greg as he recovers from surgery. 

Pray for the men’s Bible Study as we begin again this week. Pray for Terry as he prepares to lead. 

Pray for the Elders as we meet on Thursday to be alert to God’s calling and leading for these days. 

District Request: Pray for Rowena Arendt, Worship and Creative Arts Director at Living Hope Alliance Church in Regina (as of September 8) as she settles into this new role and seeks God’s leading in developing her ministry for this season. Pray for Lead Pastor Kirk (Briton) Cowman will know God’s renewing strength, calling and enabling for these days. 

Global Request: Asian Spice: Pray with Michaela as she prepares training materials for the upcoming international worker pre-field intensive training time beginning on October 24, 2022. Some of the teaching times need to be reworked entirely. Pray that Michaela would have God’s heart and mind as she re-develops these lessons. Pray for hearts of both leaders and participants to be prepared for all that God has for us during this month. And pray for protection on all of us and on all aspects of the training. 

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