Please view our bulletin from October 10, 2021


Covid Protocol: To protect one another and honour God by our obedience to governing authorities (Romans 3:1-7; 1Peter 2:13-17) the elders want to make it clear we are going to respect the Public Health Order. Anyone 3 years and older is required to wear a mask. Those speaking/leading worship (band) from the platform do not have to wear mask if separated by 3m. We further encourage frequent hand sanitization and appropriate social distancing. Enhanced cleaning protocols continue in the church. It has been said that this marathon we did not sign up for has become a triathlon. May we continue to seek the Lord together for His wisdom, grace and strength; His anointing to walk in holiness and service the Kingdom effectively.

Parents, please ensure your children are wearing their masks.

Sunday School starts up Oct 17th (pending any Public Health Order changes). Children using a new Go! Curriculum. Teachers are needed for the Teen classes. We are going to alternate Jr/Sr to allow teens to either help out with children’s SS or attend the adult class every other week.

Adults getting sorted out. 9:30am Sunday School.

There will be a Children’s Church / Nursery for Grade 2 (age 7ish) and under when they are dismissed during the worship service.

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