Please view our bulletin from December 19, 2021


Welcome! Today is the 4th Sunday of Advent. We celebrate the Advent Kingdom Vista of Love!

MAILBOXES are back! There is a list with the matching mailbox and your family name. Let us know if we missed anyone! There is something in your box for you!

Christmas Eve Candle Service 7:00 pm

Christmas Eve, we will start with a Nativity Parade. If your child(ren) would like to get into a costume and come up to the front while the Nativity Story is read and then sing Away In A Manger, please come early (6:30 pm) to get fitted and prepared.

We will be having our Worship Service December 26 & January 2, but there will NOT be Sunday School.

If you would like a donor number for the Offering, please talk to Mike. We have different ways for the Offering; you can set it in the basket during the service, send it in the mail or e-transfer to

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